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#1 - Greetings and Salutations: a Transitional Entry

Hello, new journal.

One of my biggest problems in life has my inability to acknowledge hard truths, even if they're staring me in the face.  Late taxes.  Mounting debt.  Relationship issues.  Legal troubles.  Health problems.  I usually only find the courage to deal with something after it's, essentially, too late to fix.  I recognize this is a pattern that I need to change. 

Am I committed to making a better, more satisfying and fulfilling life for myself?  Yes.  Am I daunted by the enormity of the task ahead of me?  Yes.  I am determined to keep this journal free from the type of annoying self-reflection that characterized my last journal, but there is one thing that bears mentioning:

I am flawed, but I genuinely mean well. 

I have to remind myself of this as I start this new journey, or else I'll fall into the same old traps of self-deception and self-defeat.

And now, on to the positivity!


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One day at a time amigo. :)

Optimism is a force multiplier. So is face-eating pants-melting RAWK. You've got the rock covered, it's just nailing the second bit.

The second bit?

So ... the pants-melting part?


The new icon is definitely more upbeat.

Seriously, the north state wishes you much success and happiness, whether you post about it, or not.


you are awesome! and have been nothing but positive since I met you.. so, even though I haven't known you for very long, that's definitely worth something!!


Here's to the future! \~/

A motivational motto for ya
One foot in front of the other till the last one leads you home at night.

I take this to mean that a single step is the first part of the whole journey.

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