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After seeing Obama's address to students, I can see what everyone was so afraid of:

Telling students to focus on school, find out what they're good at, and to get involved with their schools and communities.  To focus on school so they might chart a course to their future, not only for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of the country.

Clearly the man is evil.

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Well, that depends on who you're talking to. If you're talking to the vaguely reasonable folks, they're not concerned that the President had a speech at all; they're concerned about the DoE's materials.

Also, and this is a key point, no one is releasing the copy of the speech that was sent around in August. I'd kinda like to compare the two, to be honest.

No! Be like me! Follow your dreams, don't get an education, screw around your entire twenties and end up trying to figure out what the HELL you're going to do before you hit 40.
Oh, wait...

Here's a little bit of proof of his evil as told to me by someone who was told by his church.

"The name Barack Obama is hebrew for Satan" and, if that doesnt' convince you I got more... It seems that his health plan is designed to give everyone a micro chip gps imbedded in their body with the numbers 666 on them, the sign of the devil.

True story. I'm convinced.

At least folks can still have a sense of humor about this. :)

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